Complex Trauma


Dr. Deepankar Verma is adept at providing the best treatment for Trauma surgery in Ghaziabad. He is well-versed in handling problems related to joints, bones, and soft tissues of the entire body. The doctor will use sublime surgical techniques and always provide you with personalized care. Dr. Deepankar Verma has a decade’s worth of experience as an Orthopedic surgeon in Trauma surgery in Noida, knee replacement surgery, Hip Replacement Surgery, Foot and Ankle, Meniscus Repair surgery, and Sports medicine. He has specialized surgery skills in all these.

Dr Deepankar Verma, a leading Trauma Surgeon in Noida, excels at providing superior care for severe injuries. With his significant surgical experience, he provides timely and successful treatments while prioritizing patient well-being. His dedication to trauma surgery is marked by accuracy and an aim to restore health to patients who have sustained serious injuries.


Dr. Deepankar Verma is running his polyclinic “Varenya Healthcare Center” and also working as an Trauma Surgeon in Ghaziabad, and Consultant at “Parmanand Special Surgery Hospital” and “Kailash Hospital and Neuro Institute”. The doctor had various publications In Orthopaedic journals at both National and International levels.

Dr Deepankar Verma has received the Bhagwan Prasad Gold Medal award and also has a Lifetime membership of:

  • Indian Orthopaedic Association
  • UP Arthroscopy Association
  • Indian Foot and Ankle Society
  • Delhi Orthopaedic Association
  • UP Orthopaedic Association
  • Indian Arthroscopy Association

What is Complex Trauma.?

In very simple words, patients face the condition of multiple broken bones and soft tissue surrounding the bone also gets damaged. There are a wide number of causes of Complex trauma:

  • Road/Vehicle Accident
  • Playing Sports
  • Physical Violence

Also, if the patient is suffering from other illnesses or more other injuries then it can make complicated treatment. This Trauma can affect your day-to-day life and can affect the patient’s functionality too. This is where you need an experienced “Trauma Orthopaedic Surgeon in Noida” who provides you with brilliant facilities with solutions. Some of the most common  Trauma symptoms are Bruising, Bleeding, Nerve injuries, Fractures, Open wounds, Lacerations, and more.

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