Meniscus Repair

Meniscus Repair

Dr Deepankar Verma has vast experience as a Meniscus Repair surgeon in Ghaziabad who has done numerous Meniscus Repair surgeries. He has been performing surgeries for so many years and the doctor is brilliant in providing excellent solutions. Dr. Deepankar Verma is even the best surgeon of Orthopaedics for Knee Joint Replacement, Hip Joint Replacement, Sports Medicine, Complex Trauma, etc. He has great expertise in Foot and Ankle surgery.

Dr Deepankar Verma is working as a Consultant and Orthopaedic Surgeon at “Parmanand Special Surgery Hospital” and “Kailash Hospital and Neuro Institute”. The doctor is also working in his polyclinic “Varenya Healthcare Center”. Get all the comprehensive solutions from one of the proficient Orthopaedic surgeons as he had received the Bhagwan Prasad Gold Medal award too. In addition to this, he has a lifetime membership in the Indian Orthopaedic Association, Delhi Orthopaedic Association, UP Orthopaedic Association, UP Arthroscopy Association, and more.
Dr Deepankar Verma, a well-known Meniscus Repair Surgeon in Noida, specialises in modern orthopaedic procedures. He is respected for his expertise in meniscus repair treatments, which he approaches with precision and care for patients. He is trusted by patients and works hard to restore joint health and functioning, ensuring that they get the best therapy possible for meniscus injuries.

What is Meniscus Repair?

In Meniscus Repair surgery, the surgeon removes or repairs a torn meniscus. It’s a piece of cartilage in the Knee and after the surgery, it will eliminate pain and improve the mobility of the patient. A patient can start their regular activities again. In the surgery procedure, the surgeon needs a few small incisions. The patient will recover in weeks. A meniscus injury is prevalent for those who play sports.

There are so many advantages of Knee Meniscus Surgery:

  • The knee gets more stable
  • Eliminate pain in Knee
  • Start your Sports life again
  • Mobility improvement

Before this surgery, the doctor will inform you to do tests in advance such as blood tests, chest X-ray, and electrocardiogram. It is necessary to know whether the patient is healthy for this top surgery or not. Further, the doctor will tell you what type of anaesthesia a patient should receive.

Will you get pain after Meniscus Repair Surgery?

You will have pain just for a few weeks and that is normal. The doctor will recommend some vital medications to take that can manage your pain. You need to make sure not to skip any medication. The patient will start their normal activities again after six weeks. The doctor will suggest you do all low-impact activities for some time.

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